Novell announces the availability of Sentinel Log Manager 1.1

Novell recently revealed the provision of Novell Sentinel Log Boss 1.1, making the new management solution available as a software appliance. Novell has long been a proponent of software appliances and which are essentially pre-configured combinations of an application, middleware and OS integrated into one image and tailored for a physical, virtual or cloud environment.

In a blog post describing software appliances, Nat Friedman, founder of Ximain which is now part of Novell and previous Chief Technology and System Officer for Linux at Novell, recounted, ” One of our main objectives in creating SUSE Studio was to make it ridiculously easy for software developers to distribute their applications as software appliances.”

Additions to the Enterprise Applications Market

Google Adds Docs Functionality
Yesterday, Microsoft puts Office 2010 out on general release and Google added new functionality to Google Docs. According to the Google Documents official blog their new documents and spreadsheets editors have been released making both simpler to utilize and edit in addition to adding some more sauce to draw users away from Office 2010 and its online version programs. All new docs will be created using the new documents editor. According to the blog and the new editor was built for quicker real time collusion, better imports and more control of document's layout. Since the preview, they have also additional new features including a table of contents, a special characters dialog, a compendium, search as-you-type and re-sizable photographs.

Oracle released Oracle Pedigree and Serialization Manager

Oracle announced the provision of Oracle Pedigree and Serialization Manager, an inclusive mass-serialization and pedigree application designed particularly to enhance supply chain integrity in the chemical industry. The new solution helps pharmaceutical makers aid adherence to developing electronic pedigree (ePedigree) initiatives and regulatory needs, reduce business and reputational risk linked with the rising prevalence of drug counterfeiting and product diversion while extending worth across the pharmaceutical supply chain. Oracle Pedigree and Serialization Manager generates, stores, broadcasts and authenticates drug product serial information and ePedigree data as pharmaceutical products move across the supply chain. This helps imitate threat identification and streamlines compliance. In addition, integrated analytics in the solution provide pharmaceutical makers with expanded understanding of possible threats. Pharmaceutical corporations can use this solution to enhance the potency and precision of returns management and reduce associated losses. Non-repudiation capacities automate assessment and reconciliation of products returned against good dispatched, helping to reduce write offs.

Version 4.0 of Voxware 3 Product is now available

Voxware, Inc., a leading provider of software for voice picking and other warehouse operations, released version 4.0 of its Voxware 3 product. Version 4.0 of Voxware 3 has a major enlargement of the Enterprise Voice Manager, which is a part of the Voxware Adaptive Voice Framework. The enhancements enable clients to deploy and manage voice picking applications from a single example of software in a central data center, across many warehouses, even if warehouse layouts alter and voice workflows differ in each facility.

“Software architecture should not dictate a centralized or decentralized deployment approach”, recounted Scott Yetter, CEO of Voxware. “We developed the Enterprise Voice Manager so our customers can implement voice picking software that reflects current IT standards and significantly reduces the total cost of ownership for deploying voice solutions in the warehouse.”

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