WAN Optimization brought to Network Management by FlowOS

Xtera Communications’ IP Networking Group has announced the release of its latest version FlowOS for the AscenFlow family of IP Traffic Management and Shaping appliances.  FlowOS 3.4 and FlowReport 3.4 are high performance offerings from Xtera rich with many features, as per the company. As compared to the previous versions, FlowOS 3.4 has the ability to recognize number of Layer 4 to Layer 7 protocols -- which is at twice more than the ability of the previous version. The company said that it can shape and monitor traffic from a number of end-points, which include IP or MAC addresses, URLs and authenticated users.

In addition to this, specific traffic on a protocol can be shaped separately or by combining it with end points. Also, traffic from WAN to DMZ can be treated in a different way that traffic from LAN to Intranet or that from LAN to WAN. The officials of the company exclaimed that any services and end points can be placed into Groups and Classes in order to ease the creation of policy and deployment. Besides, regular updates of protocol signature do not have an effect on network traffic.

Additionally, it also ensures the continuous monitoring and control of trends in network traffic as patterns of protocols, applications and usage evolve due to external influences and business decisions. FlowOS 3.4 along with FlowReport 3.4 provides summary reporting as well as real-time, in depth and historical reporting with the help of an easy database query tool and user friendly web-GUI. Apart from this, FlowOS 3.4 allows complete control over shaping of traffic, which ensures that mission-critical applications get the required bandwidth while there is a decrease in recreational traffic or it is eliminated, said the company. FlowOS 3.4 is available on the AscenFlow family of IP Traffic Managers. It provides support for a data throughput from 10 megabits per second to around 3gigabit per second and it can support up to 8 million connections simultaneously.

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